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Are you looking for the opportunity to travel on an executive flight at a low price? Well, there is an option, but you will have to be willing to travel on short notice and sometimes adapt to last minute unforeseen events. An empty leg is a flight that becomes available during the replenishment of an aircraft, which flies without passengers to begin its next route or simply prepares to return to its base.

The short notice time is explained because they usually appear after a client books a one-way flight, and if, for example, that reservation was made on the same day of the flight, the executive airline has only a few hours to offer the empty leg. But the previous one is an extreme case and generally the client will have between one to three days to decide if that route, day and time are according to their travel needs.

This explains the reason why empty leg flights are offered at a reduced price, sometimes even 70% less than the standard price for the same route. The aforementioned lack of time reduces the chances of finding a client willing to pay the full price, since there are many variables that must be in accordance with their requirements, such as the type of plane, the specific route, the day and time of the flight. .

But if you manage to adjust your needs with an empty leg opportunity, you will travel with all the benefits of a private flight; a plane completely at your disposal, a customized menu, a boarding time of less than 30 minutes.

In simple words, if you are flexible or your schedule allows, you could find a private flight at a price close to those offered by commercial airlines. Likewise, if the route does not fit in its entirety, it is also possible to combine an empty leg opportunity with a commercial airline ticket, also obtaining a great price, comfort and privacy on your trip.

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